Journey to Tuscany: Jonathan's Journal, Part 1


Getting Lost in the Italian Countryside

Upon landing in Firenze, we found our way to the rental car company and picked up our little Fiat 500 coupe, complete with a manual 5 speed transmission and a navigation system that was impossible to use.  Hilarious!  We kept going the wrong way while I'm stalling out the engine, and everyone's honking at us because we look like tourist idiots.  Fantastic!  Our hotel is only supposed to be 40 minutes away, on the road headed to Rome.  But here is what we eventually figured out - ALL Roads Lead to Rome!  Three hours later, after traversing the beautiful Chianti region in every possible way, we arrived at our destination.


Flying into Firenze (Florence)

From California, it takes three flights to get to Firenze.  We flew from Orange County to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Rome, on Delta Airlines.  We switched to Alitalia for our final short flight from Rome to Firenze.  Total Travel time: 19 hours.


About the Author

Jonathan Oe is the CEO and Lead Designer of TheGluv Athletique.  Located in Orange County, California, TheGluv Athletique leads the way in making fantastic pieces that contour and support women's physiques, improving their athletic performance and self-belief.