TheGluv in Orlando

TheGluv was invited by Kevin and Susan O'Donnell  to The Diamond9 Sun Classic Winter Showcase held in Orlando's ESPN World of Sports on January 16th-18th.

While in Orlando meeting people from across the United States, some of whom haven't heard of TheGluv,  "it was our job to educate them about our brand! It was a  wonderful experience being able to do that!", remarked Sylvia Almanza, TheGluv's General Manager. Sylvia traveled across the country from TheGluv Headquarters in Orange County, California along with CEO Jonathan Oe and TheGluv Shack crew Johnny and Brittany.

TheGluv has grown nationwide, becoming one of the biggest brands for Girls and Women's Softball Pants, Uniforms, Socks and Athletic Apparel.  TheGluv continues to make waves across the country, touching the lives of female athletes and their families in states like California, Texas, Utah, Arizona, Georgia, and many more. After the weekend in Orlando, "it became clear that there is a need (on the East Coast) for TheGluv's quality product and quality service that we're known for. These girls deserve the best and ultimately they are the reason we do what we do," added the General Manager.