Maintaining A Healthy Body Image

One of the benefits to being an athlete is having a healthy lifestyle, but even with physical fitness, females often face insecurities about their appearance. It's okay to feel down sometimes, but we want you to remember to love who you are. Everything about you is unique and beautiful- so embrace your beauty inside and out!

Here are some tips to help you maintain a healthy body image:

DO WHAT YOU LOVE. We know you love softball, so keep doing it! Play hard and be strong. Surround yourselves with those who love it too- like your teammates, who will also be there to cheer you on! 

EXERCISE. As an athlete, workouts can seem boring when you're doing the same types of exercises regularly. One way to keep it fun is joining in on fun activities with friends-- hiking, bike rides at the beach, or even dancing are great ways to change it up! 

EAT RIGHT.  It's no secret that having a well balanced diet is the key to staying healthy! It's okay to  splurge on pizza with friends for lunch, but balance it with a dinner packed with fruits and veggies!

BE CONFIDENT. When you're feeling insecure, remind yourself of your strengths and talents. Smile and be proud. When you're confident, anything is possible!