How to Convince Your Parents to Buy More Softball Gear for You

Being a teenager is tough. You're constantly being told what to do, getting yelled at by grumpy parents who are scared of technology because they were probably around when fire was created, and adults almost never listen to you when you have a great idea or suggestion.

It's not your fault, some people just need to be led, so we've put together this quick cheat sheet on how to get what you want from your parents, and obviously that's probably more softball and activewear apparel from TheGluv.

1. Make your parents think it was their idea

Parents have this problem where only their ideas are right, and ideas kids have are probably almost always wrong. The only way to get around that is to let them think they're making the decision, and you're just lucky to have such a smart parent.

Let's say you need some new girls softball pants but TheGluv.  What if you hinted about how the new pants would help you feel just a little more attractive and self confident?  And if you feel more confident - you might play a little better!

Parents look for opportunities to be your hero, so make it easy on them this time and set them up for success by letting them know you're in need. Simple enough right?

2. Leave TheGluv website open on all internet connected devices in your house

This is a little more direct, but let's be honest, we don't have all day to spend convincing our parents about this kind of stuff. We have lives to live, right?

By using this method you're constantly reminding them of what you need without even asking them. Every time they log into a computer to spy on your Facebook Wall, track your phone GPS to see if you really went to the mall, or email other old people about old stuff, they'll be conditionally trained to remember to buy you the softball pants, or activewear you need.

This isn't even hard, and should turn into a pretty creative running joke. Old people like humor more than begging. That's just science.

3. Sign your parents up for TheGluv Club Insider

This is a great option if you want us to be the ones that do the sales job for you. Sign them up by going here, and we'll send them some clever email marketing that will make them feel that not buying you everything you want from TheGluv makes them worse than your Math teacher, and almost NO ONE likes Math teachers.

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