The 2015 Hawaii Senior Girls New City Nissan Goodwill Softball Classic

TheGluv is an Orange County, California based girls softball clothing brand, but the spirit of TheGluv has always has been motivated by the goal to make girls feel great about themselves, and bringing a positive vibe to the ultra-competitive field of softball.

When TheGluv Founder, Jonathan Oe, made a trip to Oahu in 2014, he met a group of locals true to the famous Aloha spirit that could so aptly describe how Jonathan runs TheGluv, and what he wants for the girls who wear it.

Jonathan was eventually introduced to John Uekawa, owner of New City Nissan in Honolulu, and head girls softball coach of nearby Maryknoll High School. Uekawa is so passionate about the sport, that he has been putting on the New City Nissan Goodwill Softball Classic, a high school seniors 4 team All-Star game, to give the girls of Oahu a chance to showcase their talents, and even get cable television exposure, as the final game is broadcasted on Oahu's Oceanic Cable Network.

This year Uekawa invited TheGluv, and Jonathan out to Oahu to participate in the Classic, and the video below tells a pretty cool story of how much softball means to these girls, and that even beyond the competition they crave on the field, it's the friendships they make, and the happiness the game brings them that really matters most.

Hawaii Senior Girls All Star Softball Game from TheGluv Athletique on Vimeo.