TheGluv Fall 2015 Photo Shoot

TheGluv Fall 2015 Photo Shoot was the first at our new location in Huntington Beach.  Taylor Alarcon was one of the first people to visit our new Athletique, when she walked in with her father.  When she asked ME to take a selfie with her, it struck me that she would make a fantastic model for our upcoming photo shoot!  I met Autumn Storms a couple weeks earlier when I saw her carrying her lunch back from a snack bar and thought her nice smile would look great on our web page.  I had no idea she was the starting pitcher for the SoCal Athletics 18 Gold team!  And Kinsley Washington caught my attention with her beautiful long braided hair.  After talking with her coach, Marty Tyson, I learned that she had big plans for her future beyond softball.  She was an ideal role model for all our fans.  When we all met on that July Saturday morning, I told them that for "for One Day, we are all on One Team, not as rivals, but as Team Mates.  Throughout the course of this one day, we will be on the field together, go to the park to take a walk around the lake together, work out together, and eat frozen yogurt together."  It was an amazing bonding experience that I believe will create long lasting Friendships, and reinforce the deeper meaning of our brand.  My sincere Gratitude goes out to each of our Models and their Families for their wonderful participation and commitment in helping us create these fabulous images for our fabulous fans.

Jonathan Oe

CEO / Lead Designer / Photographer

TheGluv Athletique