Ballin' with Alisha Alexander

I set off to go on a photo adventure with Alisha Alexander after selecting her from our TheGluv Model Casting via Instagram. We took photos throughout Newport Beach and the inland areas of Orange County. Alisha modeled some of our signature Gluv products, as well as our sister company's hot new leggings with colored side panels for training and volleyball. Alisha stood out to me as a person who is highly motivated and fascinated by the world of Sports. She expressed how much she loved TheGluv and how it is her favorite brand. Alisha's softball background emphasized her passion for what her life looks like today. Here's are some photos and a mini interview I did on her, just so you can get a glimpse on how a Gluv girl can transform and grow after years of playing softball.


Haylee: What made you want to become a coach at such a young age?

Alisha: During high school softball I had to fight through some tough injuries that would eventually prevent me from my dreams of college softball.  I couldn’t walk away from the game so coaching seemed like the next best thing.   I had coached rec ball and coaching high school softball became one of my favorite things.  By coaching at Irvine, I am able to hang out with an awesome group of girls, teach them about the game that I love, and hope that they will learn to love it as much as I do.  Coaching is my way of giving back to the sport that made me who I am today.


Haylee: What’s your favorite TheGluv product?

Alisha: I absolutely LOVE my TheGluv backpack!  I bring it with me everywhere.  Its bright color allows it to standout in a crowd and the laptop sleeve inside is super convenient for classes and when travelling.  It is super easy to personalize by throwing on some small details.  I threw on some buttons, added a bow, and even attached my coaching bag tag to a zipper. 


Haylee: How does Trixi help your training now and what do you think about TheGluv having a sister brand focusing on Volleyball?

Alisha: Trixi apparel is super comfortable, which is important when working out.  Just like TheGluv, it is made to fit a girl’s body.   TheGluv adding a sister brand focusing on volleyball is great!  Girls in every sport deserve to look good and feel good in uniform, and TheGluv does that for softball players.  Trixi will do just that for volleyball players!


Haylee: Who are some friends/colleagues/inspirational players in the Softball community that you like to follow?

Alisha: My younger sister, Erin, is now a freshman in college at Claremont McKenna College and plays softball for Claremont-Mudd-Scripps.  She is a talented athlete and incredibly smart, so the fact that she can balance both school and softball is something that I greatly admire.

My best friend is currently a senior at Charleston Southern in South Carolina.  We became friends during our freshman year of high school through softball.  Her passion for the game has taken her across the country, and I have enjoyed watching her grow as a player and a person even though she is far away.  We both coach during summer, so we are able to share our knowledge and passion for softball with young girls who dream of making it to college ball.

I played high school ball with a girl named Gordy Bravo, and I have admired her love for the game since day one.  Gordy just finished her college career at BYU and plays for the Mexican National team now.  She is someone that I can see playing for a long time, because she is that talented and loves the game that much.  It was an honor being her teammate and learning from her by watching her play and talking with her in the dugout.


Haylee: What are your future plans after college?

Alisha: I will be graduating in December with a degree in Business- Sport Management.  With this degree I hope to work in college athletics for a university athletic department as an SID (Sports Information Director) or as a home game manager.  Working for the athletic department at my school has shown me that I have a talent for event management, and has increased my love of sports.



Thanks Alisha for such an amazing experience and for your knowledge on softball! Stay tuned via social media for more posts from this day!