TheGluv Softball Snack Guide

The Holidays have us constantly thinking about FOOD! Good thing TheGluv Softball pants are built to fit any girl's figure. With that aside, we've put together a little guide to Softball Game or Softball practice snacks. These simple food ideas will keep your little (or big) softball players happy and healthy, while staying just perfect amount of full and not bloated in between games. Feel free to share, print, or repost our guide to give others some helpful and easy tips for their shot at "Snack Day". Better yet, give these to your daughters so that they know what to pack for their school day, along with their Softball Socks, Softball Pants, and other Softball Gear.

- Veggies

Baby Carrots, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Broccoli or any other veggies with a side of dipping ranch makes it 10x better.

- Rice Puffs

Quaker Rice Puffs are easy to pack and easy to much on with out worrying about keeping it cool. It's lightness will keep anyone at the perfect amount of "full".

- Water

Water is obviously essential but a big jug of it is an easy one to always pack. We recommend Hydroflasks or vacuum insulated bottles for reuse and keeping it "green", they keep your drink cold all day.

- Watermelon 

This juicy fruit is the most refreshing fruit in between or after Softball games. You'll get the quench from the hydration while also attaining that solid in your tummy.

- Sunflower Seeds

The essential other than water when it comes to Softball or Baseball sporting activities. The sunflower seeds can fit in our Girl's Softball Pant pocket :)

- Protein Packets

Protein packets are a good snack or meal replacement after a physical activity such as practice or a Softball game. You'll be able to keep those muscles restored and healthy for the next event.

- Sports Drinks

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade help hydration during Sports activities. We included this in our guide because it is a staple and who wouldn't want a Gatorade!