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FaceCover Bandana


Rock your team colors in TheGluv FaceCover Bandana! MADE IN THE USA from the company you know and trust, comes an essential piece of gear. Compliant with the CDC recommendations to cover your face when in public, TheGluv FaceCover Bandana can be left down, or fastened with a strip of velcro, under the chin to keep out the dust and other particles while playing. One-size-fits all: Velcro strips in the back adjust easily for the right fit. A sewn-in inner nose clip bends to custom fit your nose bridge and help keep the FaceCover in place. Comfortable and extremely durable, it can be washed on a daily basis and keep coming back for more!

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Wash after each use. Simply toss in the washing machine set at Hot or Warm to kill germs. Use regular detergent.