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The Corporate America way

People often ask me, WHY, with so many challenges, do I choose to manufacture TheGluv Girls Softball Uniforms and Softball Pants here in the U.S.?  Corporate America is driven to maximize shareholder wealth by sending manufacturing and support jobs overseas to cut labor costs.  We've become a country obsessed with consuming inexpensive goods without really thinking about the end result.  Foreign manufacturing labor costs as little as 25 cents per hour.  U.S. manufacturing labor is roughly FORTY to SIXTY times more.  And it is going up.  U.S. companies outsource our jobs to other countries, sending our dollars overseas while our trade deficits balloon and our economy weakens.  And as the jobs move abroad, so does our knowledge and skill to create things at home.  Is it even possible for America to learn how to be self sufficient again, to manufacture goods here in our own country?

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TheGluv Athletique way

Many years ago, I was driven by a vision to create a vertically integrated company; a place where we would design great product, manufacture and support it locally with American labor, and build personal relationships with our customers.  I wanted to create an apparel brand that was more like a five star restaurant, than a huge conglomerate.  Because of the disadvantage we would face in terms of our big competitors using cheap foreign labor,  we would need to compete in service, quality, and customer experience, in a way that would capture people's imagination and support.  We would need to rally a core of customers who sought a different experience, a higher level of quality, and believed in an "Old School" American value system.  With my background rooted in the women's fitness apparel industry, we would create innovative products for today's young athletic woman.  These ideas, and a ton of hard work, became TheGluv Athletique.

At TheGluv Athletique, phones are answered by a person, not a machine.  When you visit our retail show room, we help you select your size and introduce our latest products.  For Team Clients looking for Custom Uniforms, we integrate their artwork into digital mock-ups.  As you move deeper into our Studio, you will find us hard at work making the products that carry our cheerful heart-shaped logo.

Each pattern and style I create is meant to contour and support a young woman's physique to help her feel both athletic and feminine.  Our goal at TheGluv is to create an inner confidence in our young female customers that will last a lifetime.  Each day, we do our very best to keep alive the concept of "Made in America," to make our people believe that the best is yet to come.


About the Author

Jonathan Oe is the CEO and Lead Designer of TheGluv Athletique.  Located in Orange County, California, TheGluv Athletique leads the way in making fantastic Athletic Clothing that contours and supports women and girls physiques, improving their athletic performance and self-belief.


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