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Her Custom Jerseys

G3 Collegiate Jersey

Professional, elegant, and ATHLETIC, the G3 Collegiate Jersey will make her look the part. Scouts will easily visualize how she will look at the Next Level. The G3 is our sublimated version of our signature G2 series - Durable with the identical cut, this will set your team apart from the rest. Made in USA. Email us at info@TheGluv.com on how to get started. Team Price starts at $89

G2 Tackle Twill Showcase

She wants to look professional, elegant, and ATHLETIC as she shows these scouts what she's got. This is her Moment. Our beautiful, indestructible G2 turns heads with two color stitched-on lettering & braid, and athletic body lines. Made in USA. Email us at info@TheGluv.com on how to get started. Team Price starts at $109

TheGluv Sub Jersey

So many colors...So many great designs...It's time for Sublimated Jerseys by TheGluv! Lightweight and with the same beautiful tapered fit we are famous for! Made in USA. Email us at info@TheGluv.com on how to get started. Team Price starts at $68

Her Custom Pants

TheGluv Beltless Pant

A Beltless Softball Pant as tough and beautiful as she is.  With a contoured fit, flat non-zipper front, it is light weight, durable, and with no obstructions when diving. This is the pant the speed demon who dives full speed on the base paths or making catches. Available in 17 colors with custom braid options. Made in USA.

Team Price Solid Colors $38
Team Price Single Braid $44

TheGluv Belted Pant

A Softball Pant as tough and beautiful as she is. Our perfect fitting Softball Pant now has Belt Loops, and feature the same non-zippered, sleek front design. Available in 17 colors with infinite custom braid available. Made in USA.

Add a new player? No problem. Belted Pant re-orders ship in just 2-4 days. We are  here for you.
Team Price Solid Colors $41
Team Price Single Braid $48

Go ahead - Belt it out

We made a fantastic Belted Pant, but why stop there? So we created a belt that perfectly fits our Pant. It is 1/8" more narrow than a boys baseball belt, and comes in 10 colors which coordinate with our fabrics and trims.
Team Price $19

Final Touches

Long Sleeve Compression

TheGluv Long Sleeve Compression Shirt is a comfy breathable layer of warmth to keep you feeling snug and secure on those cold days and nights. Made in USA. Just $38 Team Price.

Friendly Jersey

When "Simple is Best" nothing is better than the Friendly Jersey by TheGluv. Our signature contoured fit in Black, White, Navy, Red, and Charcoal. Email us at info@TheGluv.com on how to get started. Made in USA. Starting at just $42

TheGluv Softball Socks

Her Comfort - Your Peace of Mind. Knee-high, silky smooth, breathable NYLON socks with our signature calf ventilation panel.
In 20 colors - Team Price of $13.50 per pair.

My Players love how TheGluv fits and feels. I love the quality, professionalism & the quick turnaround.

Bobby Flores, Head Coach, Explosion 18 Gold

TheGluv instantly gives its ballers a presence on the field. TheGluv is a Partner, not a product.

Jose Tuñon, President, Georgia Power Fastpitch

Showcase Her talent, skill and character, while developing your Organizational Branding and Style. You need someone who can respond to roster additions, and outfit your new teams quickly and efficiently as you grow. You want trusted American made quality, excellence, and accountability. 
Relax in knowing that help is just a phone call away.

For over 10 years, TheGluv Athletique has helped its Clients grow their Softball Organizations in style.

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