How Cleans Cleans-up Her TheGluv White Softball Pants

My daughter...and her team...LOVE Gluv uniforms and pants! Lady Magic 14u has three uniforms and they are all TheGluv! They are extremely comfortable and lighter weight than other brands. They are also very durable and clean-up nicely! I used to think 'white' ANYTHING in softball should be banned :) until I found the perfect stain remover! Now I always keep a bar of Zote soap close by for after those extra dirty games, and her white pants clean up perfectly! Even Las Vegas Red Clay! 


-Christi McDowell, Lady Magic 14u

February 20, 2017

Grace x TheGluv Softball Gear

We had the privilege to spend a few hours with Grace U. from Firecrackers-TJ. We learned that she loves TheGluv softball gear, and she's the go-to-girl on how to look your best on game day. From how to wear your softball socks, to how to tuck in your custom softball jersey, she knows just how to fold over your TheGluv Revolution Softball pant.


"I've worn Gluv for many years now and am absolutely in love with their softball products. I've never felt better playing on a field looking good and feeling comfortable. When you look good, you play good and that's exactly how I feel when I'm wearing TheGluv..."

-Grace U.

TheGluv Girl’s Softball Revolution actually began in 1887…

While your girls work day in and day out, putting on their softball pants and softball socks to play the game they love, there is history that lies beyond their TheGluv Revolution Softball Pants and beaten-up cleats.


The Very First Softball Game

George Hancock invented the game of softball in 1887. Hancock was with some friends watching the Yale vs. Harvard football game, and Yale won that year. The friends were a mix of Yale and Harvard alumni, and one of the Yale supporters threw a boxing glove at a Harvard alumnus in excitement; the Harvard supporter swung at the glove with a stick he happened to be holding at the time. The game of softball was born, using the glove for a ball and a broom handle for the bat, was just the beginning of this industry, this sport we all love, softball.


Softball Goes National

The game of softball quickly spread and people began playing the sport throughout Chicago, then all over the Midwest. But the game still didn’t have a name at this time, some called it “indoor baseball” or “diamond ball.” The game was first coined the name “softball” in 1926 by Walter Hakanson. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon were used for early softball uniforms around the 1930’s, making for rugged, yet lightweight uniforms.  Parallel to softball uniforms today, game-day attire keeps the same goals in featuring team colors, logos, and a variety of insignias. This was said to help enhance team spirit and pride (very much like today). These elements has continued in softball uniforms history through the present.


Softball Today For The Modern Girl

TheGluv Athletique strives to provide girls and young women with body wear, rather than bulky baseball driven attire “for girls”. Girls that train hard deserve to look and feel good. That’s where we come in, providing Softball Pants for girls of all shapes and sizes. Our owner and designer, Jonathan Oe had your daughter in mind when creating the perfect softball pant. He drew lines that contours the female figure, making the softball pant both flattering and durable. From the very historical parts of softball’s past, to the future that this sport has, we recognize icons like George Hancock and Jonathan Oe that have been inspirational people to this game.  People that appreciate the essence of quality-made products made right here in the U.S.A. were born for our brand. TheGluv Athletique is not just Girls Travel Ball Uniforms, we are the friend that carries your daughter through her most challenging, yet rewarding years.

The Softball community recognizes the passion and growth that young female players experience from playing the game of Softball. The industry today has deemed itself to be highly successful, and the industry has not only paid attention the physical workings of athleticism in each player, but the representation through appearance in apparel that each individual has. The importance of apparel and gear in Softball is a major key to the sport, especially for athletes in their adolescent years. So give credit to all the young ladies who work their tails off to reach their goals. 2020 Olympics, be ready because Women’s Softball is making a comeback! Power to all female athletes!


December 19, 2016

TheGluv Softball Snack Guide

The Holidays have us constantly thinking about FOOD! Good thing TheGluv Softball pants are built to fit any girl's figure. With that aside, we've put together a little guide to Softball Game or Softball practice snacks. These simple food ideas will keep your little (or big) softball players happy and healthy, while staying just perfect amount of full and not bloated in between games. Feel free to share, print, or repost our guide to give others some helpful and easy tips for their shot at "Snack Day". Better yet, give these to your daughters so that they know what to pack for their school day, along with their Softball Socks, Softball Pants, and other Softball Gear.

- Veggies

Baby Carrots, Celery, Cherry Tomatoes, Bell Peppers, Broccoli or any other veggies with a side of dipping ranch makes it 10x better.

- Rice Puffs

Quaker Rice Puffs are easy to pack and easy to much on with out worrying about keeping it cool. It's lightness will keep anyone at the perfect amount of "full".

- Water

Water is obviously essential but a big jug of it is an easy one to always pack. We recommend Hydroflasks or vacuum insulated bottles for reuse and keeping it "green", they keep your drink cold all day.

- Watermelon 

This juicy fruit is the most refreshing fruit in between or after Softball games. You'll get the quench from the hydration while also attaining that solid in your tummy.

- Sunflower Seeds

The essential other than water when it comes to Softball or Baseball sporting activities. The sunflower seeds can fit in our Girl's Softball Pant pocket :)

- Protein Packets

Protein packets are a good snack or meal replacement after a physical activity such as practice or a Softball game. You'll be able to keep those muscles restored and healthy for the next event.

- Sports Drinks

Sports drinks like Gatorade or Powerade help hydration during Sports activities. We included this in our guide because it is a staple and who wouldn't want a Gatorade! 



December 12, 2016

We Got GiftCards to Fit in Your Girl's Softball Pant

We got GiftCards for your last minute gift giving. They are available for pick up and loading in store only and come in 10, 25, 50, and 100 dollar increments. We thought this might be a good way for your special girls to enjoy buying their favorite softball gear. We got a full stock and can always make exactly what they could be looking for, weather its new socks, new softball pants, training shorts, or TheGluv capri pants, we got them covered. These Gift Cards also seem to fit oh-so-perfectly in our TheGluv Girl's softball pant back pocket! So come on down or order your GiftCards


December 01, 2016

Merry December!

Happy December! How did time go by so quickly? If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, go back to our homepage and do so for this month's savings & promo code. We also have exciting new things for this month and the upcoming year. This year we've sold the most softball pants, because everyone loves them. Here are a couple photos for a teaser for our Gift Cards! Don't forget to pick up your Holiday socks to be festive on the field & stay tuned to hear about our gift cards (being delivered by Santa soon)!



TheGluv Athletique

Have a Happy Holiday Season!


1 Day 14 hours till Black Friday!

Girl's Softball Pants, Girl's Softball Socks, Girl's Headbands to match TheGluv or any uniform...BLACK FRIDAY IS SO CLOSE. CELEBRATE WITH US & SHOP! Receive a free gift with purchase when you shop with us on 11/25/16.


November 22, 2016

Black Friyay!

Black Friday is upon us, and although our store will not be open, we set up a chance for you to shop online and get a free gift with purchase. We wanted to use this Black Friday as a opportunity to say how thankful we are of you with a free gift with purchase! We promise it'll be useful and that you'll enjoy it. We know a lot of you will be out playing in tournaments this weekend, so goodluck and rock those softball pants and custom uniforms like you feel like a champion! We're all rooting for you guys!  Remember to be Thankful :)
November 22, 2016

Holiday Sale Announcement!

Calling all Softball lovers! If you need to get your extra pair of Softball pants for the season, get them while you can save or score. This holiday season, we prepared a few exciting sales for you guys. Starting on Black Friday, with any purchase receive a free gift! On Cyber Monday, shop online and get a Cozy Bundle for $100 (The Newport Flex Jacket, TheGluv Softball Inspired Beanie, and Softball Game Blanket)!

Promo codes cannot be combined with these holiday deals

TheGluv Athletique store located on Gothard st. will be closed from 11/24-11/27. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Go Angels!

Go Colorado Angels! Shoutout to this slick team rocking their TheGluv Athletique softball gear post game. Go get um girls! It's Monday and we're ready for this short and sweet week! Remember to spend these days with the ones you love. 


Stay posted to all our social media accounts, we're posting our holiday deals all week long! Get those softball pants everyone raves about!



TheGluv Athletique


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