The power of TheGluv Girls Softball Pant comes from the tremendous inner confidence it builds in the person wearing it. Feeling just a little more beautiful, is an empowering experience. Yet beyond it's beauty lies a rugged, durable, performance garment. This balance of Strength and Beauty, is the conceptual foundation of TheGluv. As a Bodyware Designer, I set out to build the ultimate Body Contouring Softball Pant, that would be affordable, and manufactured right here in California. I remember cold Winter evenings, alone in the Factory, music blaring through my headphones, as I drew and cut patterns. After several weeks, I finally felt I had achieved in building a pant that helped women feel strong and secure while accenting their femininity. TheGluv was born!
Each day we receive emails, telephone calls and people visiting the shop telling us how much they love TheGluv and the positive changes it has brought to their lives. Their happiness becomes our happiness and drives us to search, and push to take TheGluv to a very special place. Thank you for sharing the journey with us.
Jonathan Oe 
CEO + Designer TheGluv Athletique