6 things that make a great Softball Pant


With the popularity of Girls Softball exploding, many parents are scrambling to get great Girls Softball Pants.  The problem is, they are very difficult to find.  So what are the key things to look for?

1) Fit:  A great Girls Softball Pant should contour and shape girls like... well, Girls!  They should sit lower on the hips, but give plenty of coverage in the back when crouching down.  They should slim girls in the thighs and hips to help them feel both Athletic AND Feminine at the same time.

2) Safety:  They should NOT have hazardous metal zippers, snaps, nor require belts that can injure a girls sensitive areas when they dive.

3) Durability: They should be tear resistant and feature strong Polyester or Nylon Doubleknit fabrics.  As well as have built in double-knees and be expertly cut.

4) Quality:  Be keen to turn the Pant inside out and examine the quality of the cutting and sewing.  You may be shocked at what you find.

5) Made in USA: Is the product Manufactured and Serviced here in our Country?  Or is it outsourced overseas where sewing operators earn as little as $50 per month (that comes out to about 25 cents per hour).  We live in an age where we want to feel good about the companies whose products touch our lives.

6) Price:  This is listed last, but the bottom line is that we want Quality products at an ACCESSIBLE price.  We take take pride in what we wear and how we present ourselves.  We are willing to pay a little more for Value.

In the end, what Pants you choose for your Daughter will be an important factor in determining  how she feels about her experience playing Softball.  But more importantly, it will also influence how she feels about herself.  Purchasing Great Softball Pants for your Daughter is a small investment that will make her day just a little better, regardless of her level of play.  Because in the end, Softball is a Game that is meant to be enjoyed.


About the Author

Jonathan Oe is the CEO and Lead Designer of TheGluv Athletique.  Located in Orange County, California, TheGluv Athletique leads the way in making fantastic Athletic Clothing that contour and support women and girls physiques, improving their athletic performance and self-belief.

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