Great Softball Uniforms Lead to positive experiences

Right about now, girls softball teams are forming and coaches, managers, and team parents are searching for the best girls softball uniforms they can. But what should you look for? here are 6 things to put on your list:

Girlst softball pants and uniforms

1) FIT:  A great Girls Softball Uniform should contour and shape girls like - GIRLS!  They should accent both their Femininity and Athleticism, improve their appearance and self image.  Feeling good about your appearance makes you feel good about yourself.  That can greatly influence how a young woman feels about her experience playing softball.

Girls red softball pants and uniforms

2) SAFETY: The Pants should NOT have hazardous metal zippers, snaps that can injure a girl's sensitive areas when they dive.

Softball Jerseys

3) QUALITY & DURABILITY:  Pants should be tear resistant and feature strong Polyester or Nylon Doubleknit fabrics for the Pants, with built-in double knees.  The Jerseys can be made of either high quality doubleknit fabric or light performance polyester.  Both Pants and Jerseys should be expertly cut and sewn.  Turn garments inside-out to inspect cutting and sewing quality.  You may be surprised at what you find.

Girls softball pants with piping

4) SUPPORT:  Who is going to SUPPORT the product and offer additional Uniforms when you add new players?  Three years from now will your Vendor be able to manufacture another Jersey to match the existing set you just bought from them? Or are they going to tell you they no longer have stock in that style so you need to buy 15 sets of their new style, only to get burned again down the road?  Don't take the risk of being ripped off by overseas or across-the-border custom manufacturing.  KNOW who you are dealing with.  Spending a little more for Peace of Mind is an INVESTMENT that will make your life better and save you from the posse of angry team parents should something go wrong.

Girls Softball Jerseys

5) MADE IN USA:  Is the product Manufactured and Serviced here in our Country? Or is it outsourced overseas where sewing operators earn as little as $50 per month (that comes out to about 25 cents per hour).  We live in an age where we want to feel good about the companies whose products touch our lives.

Girls Softball Uniforms 

6) PRICE:  This is listed last, but the bottom line is that we want Quality products at an ACCESSIBLE price.  You take pride in what we wear and how it makes us feel. Are willing to pay a little more for Value?

The Bottom Line: HAPPINESS.  Whether you have a daughter playing for a spot on a College team, or a young woman playing for fun, your Girls Happiness is the bottom line.  Choose a Uniform and Uniform Company that helps you accomplish that ultimate goal, and one that makes you feel good to work with.


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