The Secret to removing stains from White Softball Pants!

Girls Softball pants white

My daughter...and her team...LOVE TheGluv Softball uniforms and softball pants! Lady Magic 14u has three uniforms and they are all TheGluv! They are extremely comfortable and lighter weight than other brands. They are also very durable and clean-up nicely! I used to think 'white' ANYTHING in softball should be banned, until I found the perfect stain remover!

Now I always keep a bar of Zote soap close by for after those extra dirty games, and her white pants clean up perfectly! Even Las Vegas Red Clay! 

All you're gong to need is a small bucket filled with warm water, your bar of Zote soap and that's it! 

STEP 1: Soak your white softball pants so they get nice and drenched.

STEP 2: Then grab your Zote soap and rub it all over those nasty stains.

STEP 3: Once you've saturated the stains with the soap, rub the fabric together to scrub out the stains and just watch those annoying blotches go away! It's that easy!

For deep stains shred a few pieces of Zote soap in the water and let your softball pants soak over night. 

-Christi McDowell, Lady Magic 14u

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