Life in Color: USA Made Softball Pants in 17 Fabric Colors!

Your Team is Unique - Your Colors should be too

With Girls Fastpitch Softball more popular than ever, finding a unique attractive look in your team appearance is important. Leave it to TheGluv to stock 17 (non-sublimated) fabric colors  to help you find your look. Each of our 17 colors is yarn dyed and knitted to retain it's rich shade. Beware of companies that surface sublimate colors or prints onto pants, which fade, come off, and show the white underneath the surface as it is stretched.

TheGluv has 8 Basic Colors which ship in 1-3 business days, and 9 additional Fashion colors which ship in 3-5 business days. Each pair is cut, sewn and finished at our Huntington Beach headquarters. And don't forget, you can also order each pair with an accent color side braid to enhance your style and coordinate with your jersey.

Fashion Color Softball Pants
Basic Color Softball Pants

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