TheGluv is More Than Just Softball Uniforms

We are well known for our girls softball pants, with their amazingly empowering fit, bold colors, and modern style, but TheGluv is now carrying all of that great feeling and quality through to other apparel you might now be familiar with.

For those of you who don't know our story, Founder Jonathan Oe was once a VP for a top women's fitness body wear brand, expanding the brand overseas to Japan in the 80s and 90s, where he learned the importance of the woman's need to feel great while working out.

Jonathan later created TheGluv in a very successful attempt to bring that feeling of comfort and confidence to female softball players, who have long been ignored in the sports apparel world, and were in need of brand they could truly call their own. With the success of TheGluv's customer womens softball uniforms, pants, and socks, Jonathan eventually decided it was time to expand that sports lifestyle to off the field clothing that lets girls still have that feeling of pride and comfort.

Today TheGluv has over 30 new products ranging from yoga pants, shorts, ankle pants, and sports bras, to outwear like the Newport Flex jacket seen on the right.

The goal today is the same as it ever was... to create a made in the USA (Orange County, CA to be exact) that girls can be proud to wear, knowing it was made for them by people who truly care about girls softball as a sport, but also cares about how the girls playing feel about themselves.

Now we know you love the softball pants and uniforms, so its time to give the rest of our closet a chance to win you over and support the brand that supports you, and always will.

We even put together this special bundle just to show you how much we believe in how we are now More Than Softball.

Look Great

Play Great

Live Great!

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