Do you know when the Softball Revolution began?

While your girls work day in and day out, putting on their softball pants and softball socks to play the game they love, there is history that lies beyond their TheGluv Softball Pants and beaten-up cleats.

 Girls Softball

The Very First Softball Game

George Hancock invented the game of softball in 1887. Hancock was with some friends watching the Yale vs. Harvard football game, and Yale won that year. The friends were a mix of Yale and Harvard alumni, and one of the Yale supporters threw a boxing glove at a Harvard alumnus in excitement; the Harvard supporter swung at the glove with a stick he happened to be holding at the time. The game of softball was born, using the glove for a ball and a broom handle for the bat, was just the beginning of this industry, this sport we all love, softball.

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Softball Goes National

The game of softball quickly spread and people began playing the sport throughout Chicago, then all over the Midwest. But the game still didn’t have a name at this time, some called it “indoor baseball” or “diamond ball.” The game was first coined the name “softball” in 1926 by Walter Hakanson. Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon were used for early softball uniforms around the 1930’s, making for rugged, yet lightweight uniforms.  Parallel to softball uniforms today, game-day attire keeps the same goals in featuring team colors, logos, and a variety of insignias. This was said to help enhance team spirit and pride (very much like today). These elements has continued in softball uniforms history through the present.

Softball Uniforms for girls 

Softball Today For The Modern Girl

TheGluv Athletique strives to provide girls and young women with body wear, rather than bulky baseball driven attire “for girls”. Girls that train hard deserve to look and feel good. That’s where we come in, providing Softball Pants for girls of all shapes and sizes. Our owner and designer, Jonathan Oe had your daughter in mind when creating the perfect softball pant. He drew lines that contours the female figure, making the softball pant both flattering and durable. From the very historical parts of softball’s past, to the future that this sport has, we recognize icons like George Hancock and Jonathan Oe that have been inspirational people to this game.  People that appreciate the essence of quality-made products made right here in the U.S.A. were born for our brand. TheGluv Athletique is not just Girls Travel Ball Uniforms, we are the friend that carries your daughter through her most challenging, yet rewarding years.

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The Softball community recognizes the passion and growth that young female players experience from playing the game of Softball. The industry today has deemed itself to be highly successful, and the industry has not only paid attention the physical workings of athleticism in each player, but the representation through appearance in apparel that each individual has. The importance of apparel and gear in Softball is a major key to the sport, especially for athletes in their adolescent years. So give credit to all the young ladies who work their tails off to reach their goals. 2020 Olympics, be ready because Women’s Softball is making a comeback! Power to all female athletes!


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