The Number One Thing to Avoid in Girls Softball Pants!

The Number One thing to AVOID when looking for Girls Softball Pants is SUBLIMATION. Sublimation is a process where a color or design is printed on rolls of ink jet paper, then heat pressed onto the SURFACE of White Polyester Fabric. The color only exists on the top of the material - so as the fabric stretches or tears, you can see the White fabric right below the surface. The more you stretch the fabric, the whiter that area appears. The Pant above is supposed to be Black, but appears light and discolored. Note between the pockets where there is major discoloration. You can even see the white "dots" where the needle holes reveal the sub-surface white fabric in the waistband area. If you slide in a sublimated pant and break it's surface, you will immediately see the White underneath. Also note that the shiny surface - the result of the heat pressing the surface of the material when applying the print from the ink jet paper. Poorly sublimated fabric may also experience noticeable fading, as the surface ink washes out of the white fabric.

Now look at the Navy Pant in the above photo. You will notice the richness in color, as the fabric is yarn dyed then knitted - achieving 100% Navy uniform coloration throughout the fabric.  This Navy Pant will always maintains its rich texture and color, without any fading over its product life.

Sublimation can be an effective solution for efficiently manufacturing JERSEYS, as they are worn loose and not stretched tightly. However, it is NOT a proper way to make a high quality Custom Softball Pant as the pants are worn tightly, and stretched to reveal the White below the surface. In addition, sliding can instantly remove the surface color.

TheGluv Softball Pants are made from yarn-dyed 420 gram polyester fabric. Our fabrics are knit in 17 different colors, then cut and sewn at TheGluv Production Studio in Huntington Beach California. We will NEVER sell Customers a Sublimated Pant. Each day we continue to make them the same we have perfected since 2011, when we started.

In the end, what Pants you choose for your Daughter will be an important factor in determining  how she feels about her experience playing Softball.  But more importantly, it will also influence how she feels about herself.  Purchasing Great Softball Pants for your Daughter is a small investment that will make her day just a little better, regardless of her level of play.  Because in the end, Softball is a Game that is meant to be enjoyed.



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Jonathan Oe is the CEO and Lead Designer of TheGluv Athletique.  Located in Orange County, California, TheGluv Athletique leads the way in making fantastic Athletic Clothing that contour and support women and girls physiques, improving their athletic performance and self-belief.

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